Proposal to Add Xen Support to OpenBSD


There are a number of improvements I'd like to see made to OpenBSD. I am not capable of doing them myself, but I can project manage and act as the responsible party for completion. The first project would be a very solid OpenBSD/Xen domU version. I think I have most of the knowledge to take that work and create EC2 AMIs. I'm aware of the arguments against this. Any code completed as part of this project would be BSD licensed and an attempt to share it with the OpenBSD project would be made.


The problem is that without any history of successful completion of such a project, I am asking donors to trust me based on their knowledge of me as a person. The best I can do in return is weekly updates, and any other transparency possible.

Handling of Funds

Once enough money is raised to get underway (maybe 2k?) I will go seek out a developer with a history capable of completing the kernel and driver work. I will do my best to negotiate a fair rate. Work will continue until the latest OpenBSD is stable under Xen without configuration tricks or all funds are exhausted. If work is completed and funds are remain, Funds will be returned as a % of the total amount left over.

Known Bugs

  1. Kernel hangs when bringing online additional cpus--no working SMP
  2. PV drivers for net and disk needed. Probably easy to take from NetBSD
  3. System needs testing for stability
  4. Other problems will come up.

Please Contribute

This project needs donations your help to be a success. Funds can be submitted via BTC or Paypal at this time. I am on Paypal. I will need help setting up a permanent destination for BTC, but do have an established account for the use of BTC. I can be contacted at to discuss anything. Donations may be anonymous if you wish.


  • Joel Roberts - $500
  • Doug Hoyte - $100
  • Anonymous - $100
  • Anonymous - $2000

Update 3/21:

Thanks to some very kind people, I've exceeded the initial goal. I am getting organized and searching for interested programmers. Updates will be coming.
Last edited 21 Mar 2015